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Flexibility for the self-employed

Did you know that 44% of self-employed people are ignoring their pension and not adequately preparing for retirement?

Don’t be a statistic. Take control of your pension and join our growing community. iSIPP makes it easy for self-employed people to combine their old pensions into one online account and contribute towards their retirement. Choose from ready-made funds offered by world-leading fund managers such as BlackRock and Schroders or select from over 100 individual funds to build your own portfolio.

When it comes to saving for your retirement, we believe that you should have the power to make the decisions. That’s why we bring together our expertise with easy-to-use, feature-rich technology – giving you options and flexibility for those who want to make their own decisions and not use an adviser.

Your options with iSIPP

Consolidate your existing pensions

If you have moved jobs or changed address several times, you could have multiple pension pots that have been forgotten about. Let’s find them! 

We help our members transfer their existing pensions into one easy-to-manage SIPP account. By bringing your pensions together you can benefit from an easy-to-use online account for managing your pension in one place, control and choice over your retirement saving and investment, as well as competitive pricing.

Contribute to your pension

With access to regular and ad-hoc contributions, our online account provides you with flexibility when paying into your pension.

Your contribution levels will depend on your personal circumstances. In summary, you can pay into your pension up to 100% of your earnings, with tax relief applied to contributions of up to £40,000 for the tax year. Any contributions made by you and your employer count towards it, as does any basic rate tax relief added by the government.

Use code MALT to get 50% off our administration fee for the first year. Terms and conditions apply.

Why choose

We have over 20 years of experience in pension administration servicing more than 6,000 members and £1.5bn AUA (Assets Under Administration) at group level. What’s more, with iSIPP, you’ll have transparent fees and flexibility when combining your old pensions and making contributions towards your retirement. Your pension, your choice!

As a UK-based, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated company with over two decades of experience in personal pensions, you can have faith in our ability to look after your future. Our fund choices are managed by some of the most recognised and experienced fund managers, delivering peace of mind. Your pension is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) too.

With pensions, your capital is at risk. The value of your investments can go down as well as up.

Tailored to your lifestyle

Simple sign-up

It’s easy to get started. Register with iSIPP in a few minutes and explore our online portal to combine your existing pensions and manage your contributions.

Track and transfer

We help you track and transfer your existing pensions into one place. Most transfers can be made online too, simply log in to your account to get started.

Control and choice

We provide access to a wide range of investment options, managed by leading fund houses. You can even build your own portfolio, the choice is yours.

Easy access 24/7

Our online portal enables you to view, consolidate and manage your pensions in one place. Access your account whenever you like, wherever you like.

Use code MALT to get 50% off our administration fee for the first year. Terms and conditions apply.

Pre-retirement calculator

As with all investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio with us can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. We do not provide investment advice. Assumptions used. How to read the results.

This calculator is not a reliable indicator of future performance and is intended for general information purposes only, as an aid to decision-making, not a guarantee.  This calculator uses certain assumptions and uses the FCA prescribed mid-growth rate of 5%. A pension may not be right for everyone, and tax rules may change in the future. If you are unsure if a pension is right for you, please seek independent financial advice.

Your current age

Your transfer amount


Your estimated
retirement fund


Expected growth rate



The purpose of this calculator is to give you a general indication of your fund value at an illustrated retirement age (please read the assumptions used) based on your current age and the transfer amount.

This calculator does not constitute personal advice. You are advised to seek independent financial advice.

The figures are a guide only; they are not guaranteed. Your final pension fund, and the income available from it, will depend upon a range of factors. These include, but are not limited to, contributions you make in future, the growth of your fund, charges, inflation, annuity rates and options, and your retirement age.

The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.

The calculator does not take account of any tax charges which may apply to contributions into or income from a pension or any tax applicable if your fund exceeds the lifetime allowance at the time of retirement.

This calculator is not appropriate for calculating potential income from a defined benefits scheme.

This calculator does not take into account any benefits from a state pension.


For the purposes of this illustration, the FCA require us to provide you with an indication of your projected pension fund value you may get at your illustrated retirement age at 65. The illustrative value is based on prescribed Mid investment growth rate of 5%, after allowing for all fees and charges.

The projection assumes that you do not draw any income or one-off lump sums from the SIPP. It also assumes the value of your pension fund is within the standard Lifetime Allowance and no LTA tax charge applies.

In addition, we are required to reduce the projected figures to account for inflation. Inflation is the rise in costs of goods and services over time.

This illustration incorporates our fees as per our fee schedule. Fixed monetary fees are assumed to increase each year in line with inflation.

Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF): This illustration incorporates an assumed Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) 1.00% for the purposes of generating this illustration.

The figures are for illustration purposes only and are not guaranteed. The value of the SIPP depends on how your investments perform after charges and fees.

The choice is yours


Ready made

Provided by global fund manager BlackRock, the range of funds are designed to take the hard work out of investing. They make it simple and cost-effective, whilst managing risk.


Build your
own portfolio

Make your own investment decisions and choose the funds that work for you. This option is designed for those who want to build a tailored option



Invest in line with your values and beliefs. Environmental, social and governance are categories that can play a role in deciding what an ESG fund invests in.


Islamic based

This fund is governed by the requirements of Shariah law and ensures that the underlying businesses in which it invests adhere to Islamic-based investment restrictions.

Our yearly fees

£200 p.a.

Trust Fee

Every client is well looked after with unrivalled service and this fee covers the award-winning administration of your pension.

0.25% p.a.

Platform Services Fee

Within your account you have 24/7 access to our investment platform for managing and overseeing your fund choices.

The Trust Fee and the Platform Services Fee cover the standard iSIPP service as described in our Terms and Conditions. This document also explains how the fees are calculated and deducted. In addition, you will pay the Ongoing Charges Figure, (OCF), this is a fee charged directly by the fund manager and covers their day-to-day cost of running the fund. OCF depends on the funds you choose. To find out more see our fund choice here.

Consolidation FAQs

What is pension consolidation?

Combining your pensions is known as pension consolidation, and it’s done by transferring multiple pensions between schemes into one arrangement. A prime example of this would be transferring several workplace pensions into a personal pension, so they combine in a single location, making them easier for you to manage. You might be pleased to know that the transfer itself is straightforward; all you need to do is fill in an application and supply details of your old policies.

Is it worth consolidating pensions?

When thinking about consolidating your pensions, it is important to consider the benefits, which include the ability to track all your savings in one place, more choice over where and how you invest your money, and greater flexibility when accessing your pensions.

How to consolidate pensions?

Pension consolidation allows you to combine many individual pension funds into one more significant sum.  After tracking down their old pension pots, many people then choose to consolidate all their past pensions into one easy-to-manage SIPP. With iSIPP you can consolidate your pensions by creating an iSIPP account. Where you can view, manage and invest in your retirement.

How to consolidate pensions from different employers?

Through iSIPP you can consolidate your pensions from different employers into one easily managed SIPP, giving you more control and flexibility regarding your finances. If you want to know more about iSIPP and how we can help you look after your financial future, you can take a look at what we do here.

Contribution FAQs

Can you contribute more than your personal allowance?

Yes. You can contribute more than your allowance as long as you do not exceed your UK earnings. For any contribution above your allowance, a tax charge known as the annual allowance charge will be applied and it will effectively cancel out the tax relief you receive over the allowance.

To understand your current allowance you should also consider any contributions that your employer makes for you, as these also use up your annual allowance.

The ‘Carry Forward’ rule permits individuals to contribute more to their SIPP than the £40,000 annual allowance and still benefit from tax relief, as long as they have any unused allowance in the last three tax years.

In order to use the benefits of the rule, you must have:

  • Been a member of a pension scheme in each tax year from which you carry forward, even if you did not make any contributions.
  • Used up your full annual allowance in the current tax year.
  • Contributed less than £40,000 in one or more of the last three tax years. (This includes personal and employer contributions.)
  • Earnings of at least the amount you are contributing in that tax year, if you are making personal contributions.

What happens if you have income of more than £240,000?

In the instance where your adjusted income is over £240,000, your annual allowance could be as little as £4,000. This means your annual allowance of £40,000 is tapered. Your adjusted income is broadly your total taxable income, plus any pension contributions paid by your employer.

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