Our Community

We are delighted to be partnering with these companies, providing their client base with technology-driven pension solutions. By expanding our community with like-minded businesses we are able to ensure we cater to the needs of all our current and future clients.

Hrishi Kulkarni, Managing Director – iSIPP

Our FCSA partnership allows us to contribute to the association’s objective of setting and raising industry standards and supply chain compliance for the temporary labor market. iSIPP’s partnership with the FCSA sees our close links with accountancy firms and umbrella companies flourish through a series of educational and supportive provisions.

iSIPP is proud to partner with the leading freelance marketplace, Malt. Connecting businesses and talent across Europe, Malt is a digital marketplace that brings together businesses with freelancers and independent consultants, finding the perfect match for every project. Our collaboration with Malt sees iSIPP offer pension solutions to thousands of freelancers throughout the UK.

Want to become an iSIPP partner?

Want to be part of our growing community? iSIPP is always eager to connect with like-minded organisations. If you are an accountancy firm or umbrella company and are looking to incorporate an added value service to your offering, get in touch to find out how we can work together.

Contractor UK is home to the UK’s IT contracting community. Online since 1999, Contractor UK offers daily news and guides, contract jobs, rates, calculators, and an active forum with over 30k members. We’re delighted to partner with them and offer our services to their community, helping contractors consolidate their existing pensions and allowing them to take control of their retirement investments.

Company Bug provides business owners, entrepreneurs, contractors, and consultants with the information they need to set up and run a business in the UK, together with insights into relevant business and tax issues. Partnering with Company Bug allows us to connect with nationwide business owners, whether they be start-ups, scale, or industry leaders, our platform caters to all, whatever their circumstances.

Benefits of partnering with iSIPP

Add value to your customers

Compliment your existing solutions and products with our industry-leading pension solutions.

Access a wealth of experience

With over 20 years of experience in the pension industry, you can be confident we have the knowledge to help you succeed.

Create mutual relationships

We give you the tools, support, and incentives to make being an iSIPP partner thoroughly rewarding.

Need more help?

What does it mean to become a member of the iSIPP community?

Becoming a valued member of the iSIPP community allows you and your clients to access a wealth of knowledge in the pension industry. With iSIPP you can support your company or clients to consolidate their pensions in three simple steps and set up regular or ad-hoc contributions into their personal pension.

What are the benefits of partnering with iSIPP?

iSIPP is all about putting the power in your hands. With us, you can consolidate your existing pensions and take control over your money by accessing funds from world-leading fund managers. You’ll have more clarity and choice. Select the investment options that match your risk appetite and retirement goals. You can even create your own portfolio.

How to become a member of the iSIPP community?

You can enquire about becoming a member of the iSIPP community by contacting our community team here.

Who is iSIPP for?

iSIPP is for anyone with an existing UK pension scheme – whether they live inside the UK or not. It’s a self-invested personal pension, also known as a SIPP, but we use best-in-class technology to give you an even greater degree of control.

By choosing iSIPP, you gain the ability to invest and manage your pension fund through a wider range of investments that can support your retirement goals. It’s all accessible 24/7 through our easy-to-use online portal.

Is iSIPP authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?

Yes, iSIPP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our reference number is 464521.

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