We're expanding our freelance pension offering with Malt partnership

We're expanding our freelance pension offering with Malt partnership

We’re pleased to announce that we’re partnering with Europe’s largest freelance community Malt to offer our market-leading pension consolidation services to the UK in a major expansion.

Malt, which works with more than 550,000 freelancers and 70,000 companies worldwide, has selected iSIPP to provide the self-invested personal pension to its fast-growing community. The company, which operates from 16 offices in seven different countries, helps freelancers find projects and supports them on administration and payment.


iSIPP in partnership with Malt

Companies signing up to its platforms can source specialist freelancers to work on their projects. Malt’s database includes freelancers working in sectors such as management consulting, app development, content, and creative fields.

Our pension consolidation service, alongside our flexible contributions offering, is particularly suited to the self-employed and contractors or those who have become self-employed recently enabling them to combine all their existing pensions in one place.

iSIPP Managing Director Hrishi Kulkarni commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Malt and to be offering our technology driven pension solution to their freelancer community. Our recent research shows that self-employed workers are nearly three times more likely to not be paying into pension funds compared with employees.

This is a major issue and iSIPP comes to  give freelancers better control of their overall pension as they would have greater visibility of their investment performance, manage investments to suit their retirement goals, and crucially enable them keep on contributing flexibly.”

Charlotte Gregson, UK Country Head of Malt, said: “We are delighted to welcome iSIPP as one of our brilliant partners. Malt’s community is growing from strength to strength as we continue expanding our operations across the UK, especially with the recent launch of our new independent consultancy vertical, Malt Strategy. As a market-leading pension provider, iSIPP adds another string to our bow, and we look forward to removing yet another pain point for independent talent, instead freeing them to focus on the work they do best.

Our digital pension consolidation service is available to all customers with UK pension funds who are working or have worked in the UK.



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