Find lost pensions with the pension tracing service

Find lost pensions with the pension tracing service

A lost pension is no good for you. Fortunately, there are ways to uncover a pension that has seemingly disappeared into the ether. One method is to utilise the Pension Tracing Service. This is everything you need to know about finding a lost pension.

What is the Pension Tracing Service?

The Pension Tracing Service does what it says on the tin. It allows you to trace and find pension details that have otherwise become lost. This is made possible with the Pension Tracing Service’s searchable database.

This database is home to the contact details of pension providers. You can conduct searches based on either pension provider or employer details, ensuring you can get hold of the information you need for a lost workplace pension.

The Pension Tracing Service is offered by the UK government. You can use the service by visiting the following link:

Who is eligible to use the Pension Tracing Service?

In essence, anyone is allowed to use the Pension Tracing Service. However, you have to meet one of the following conditions as set by the UK government:

  • You are only searching for contact details that relate to a pension you have had.
  • You have permission to search for the pension contact details of someone else.

If you agree to either of those conditions, you are allowed to proceed and use the Pension Tracing Service.

How does the Pension Tracing Service work?

When it comes to pension tracking, the first step you should attempt is to get in touch with your pension provider. What if you cannot remember who provided your pension? The next step should be to message your former employer. In most cases, they should have the details about your pension provider.

However, there are certain situations where you might not be able to contact a previous employer. They may have gone out of business, for example. In this scenario, one solution could be to use the Pension Tracing Service.

As this is a pension plan database, information may be available about your lost pension. If you can find your past employer’s name in the database, this could reveal a record of your pension provider.

How to access the Pension Tracing Service

There are multiple ways to use the Pension Tracing Service. The most convenient method is to search the database online. However, you can also contact the Pension Tracing Service by phoning the following UK telephone number: 0800 731 0193. You can also get in touch by post.

Note: you can only gain pension provider contact details through the Pension Tracing Service. It won’t have details about whether you have a pension or its worth. That type of information is only available directly from your pension provider.

The Pension Tracing Service is easy to use. When accessing the platform, you will be asked about the type of pension, along with details about the pension scheme and your employer. If any applicable information is found in the database, the results are displayed for your convenience.

Consolidating your pensions with iSIPP

If you have any lost or unclaimed pensions, you can consolidate all of your pensions with iSIPP. This is particularly beneficial if the Pension Tracing Service hasn’t supplied the information you need. With our assistance, we can find any lost or forgotten pensions from your past.


If you have a lost pension and have explored other avenues without success, using the Pension Tracing Service is wise. It’s free, quick, and easy, and it can uncover the details you require to get your hands on your lost pension. You won’t need to stress about it any longer with this solution.


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