How to find your pension number

How to find your pension number

Knowing your pension number is important for retirement planning. If you need help finding your pension number, this step-by-step guide will teach you how to do this successfully. There is no need to panic over not knowing your number or worry about the future. This guide has you covered.

What is a pension number?

Also known as a customer number, reference number, or policy number, a pension number is assigned by your pension provider. Whenever you sign up for a new pension scheme, you are given a unique number that helps with identifying your pension. That means if you have multiple pension pots, you have a unique pension number for each one.

Why is a pension number important?

A pension number is, in effect, a form of identification for each of your pension pots. Rather than using your name or contact details to identify your pension scheme, this number is used. That means you must know your pension number if you want to access your pension or consolidate pension pots.

How to find your pension number

Are you unable to locate your pension number? You shouldn’t have too many issues finding your pension number. There are numerous ways this can be achieved.

Before you get in touch with anyone, it could be a case of looking at previous correspondence for your pension number. If you have received a letter from your pension provider, for example, you should be able to locate your pension number at the top of the page.

Similarly, if you have an online account for your pension, your number should be easily visible on the main login page. If that’s not the case, get in touch with your pension provider, and they should direct you towards your pension number.

What to do if you can’t find your pension number

What if you follow the above steps and you are still unable to find your pension number? In this case, you may have to do some digging. This could involve contacting the entity that set up your workplace pension. For instance, if your former or current employer set up a workplace pension for you, it could be a case of contacting the workplace to get your pension number.

If you are still looking for information about any of your old pensions, another route to take is with the Pension Tracing Service. The Pension Tracing Service is a government database that is free to use, and it could provide you with useful basic details and can point you in the right direction for your pension number.

Consolidating your pensions with iSIPP

There is one other viable method to find a lost pension number: consolidating all of your pension pots. With assistance from a specialist such as iSIPP, we can put in the work to find any old lost pensions. We can also complete the fiddly process of transferring all of your old pensions and combining them into one.

Another benefit of consolidating your pensions is that you don’t have to try and monitor and manage multiple pension numbers. Your pension plan can be consolidated to the point where you only have one pension number to worry about, which makes it a lot easier to keep track of in the future. Plus, with the convenient iSIPP online platform, you can access your pension number with ease.


When it comes to financial planning for your retirement, it is crucial you keep track of your pension number. With this number, you won’t encounter any problems should you want to access, transfer, consolidate, etc., your pension pot. With the above guide, there shouldn’t be any issues with locating your pension number.


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