What to do with multiple pensions

What to do with multiple pensions

These days, changing jobs frequently means many people end up with multiple pension pots. If you have savings scattered across old pension plans, you may be wondering what to do with them. Consolidating your pensions into one account can provide more control and simplify retirement planning.

The Challenges of Multiple Pension Pots

Having several pension plans can create challenges:

  • Harder to keep track of – Details get lost as you switch employers.
  • Messy paperwork – Multiple statements and forms to manage.
  • Inflexibility – Difficult to change investment options on old plans.
  • Higher costs – Paying multiple account fees can eat away at savings.
  • Weaker performance – Small dormant pots tend to underperform.

Benefits of Pension Consolidation

Combining your pension savings into one consolidated pot offers advantages:

  • Simplicity – All your retirement savings in one place.
  • Control – Make changes to investments or contributions.
  • Cost savings – Avoid multiple account fees.
  • Growth potential – Bring small pots together for better performance.
  • Locate lost pots – Find and recover any forgotten dormant pensions.

How To Consolidate Pensions Yourself

You can consolidate multiple pensions into one account by:

  1. Tracking down your old pensions using pension tracing services.
  2. Evaluating existing pots and deciding which to consolidate.
  3. Opening a low-cost SIPP account with a provider like iSIPP.
  4. Transfer your funds into your SIPP.
  5. Managing your retirement savings efficiently from your SIPP.

iSIPP For Simplified Pension Management

iSIPP makes it easy to consolidate your pensions into one online SIPP account. Key features include:

  • User-friendly dashboard to administer your pension
  • Help consolidating old pension plans
  • Flexible investment options for your retirement pot
  • Low, fixed annual fees to maximise savings

Take Control Of Your Retirement Planning

In summary, consolidating multiple pension pots can provide greater oversight and control over your savings while streamlining retirement planning. With iSIPP, you can consolidate pensions yourself into one simple account. This makes it easier to manage your funds and harness their full growth potential.


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